Online newspaper comment of the week, Nov. 29

December 1, 2008

The Eagle-Tribune makes it 2-for-2 thanks to this comment from “JeromeHoward08,” who weighed in on a story about Sammy Sosa donating $15,000 to a charter school:

When they opened the envelope did little cork pellets fall out?

I can just see it now: “And the winner of this year’s Sammy Sosa Cork Pellet Scholarship is …”


Online newspaper comment of the week, Nov. 22

November 22, 2008

One of the great things about reading newspapers online is the comments section, where crazy people with nothing better to do leave their opinions — sometimes about the story they just read, sometimes about whatever happens to be floating through their nutty little minds.

Swimmin’ Hole! will commemorate these last bastions of journalistic excellence with this weekly “comment of the week” section. Our first winner comes from a story in The Eagle-Tribune in North Andover, Mass., about a child rapist captured in the Dominican Republic. The comment is by “Laiza,” who writes:

he should definately be locked up for life and i hope he gets a big horny cellmate to teach him a little lesson..

I am totally naming my next fantasy football team the Big Horny Cellmates.