Opie and Anthony out in Boston

Opie and Anthony are off the air as morning show hosts at WBCN in Boston, where the Toucher and Rich show will take over as of tomorrow.

Opie and Anthony had a great show, but their schtick had gotten old recently, with Anthony whining and ranting about how Barack Obama is going to take away his guns, and Opie not doing enough to reel his partner in. Toucher and Rich are consistently funnier, but O&A always had some great, serious conversations. (Their defense of free speech during the Don Imus controversy was top notch.)

Can’t wait to see the wars T&R start with new morning competitors Dennis and Callahan on WEEI and Greg Hill on WAAF. Should be fun.


4 Responses to Opie and Anthony out in Boston

  1. jack london says:

    your a liberal douche. die.

  2. Swimmin' Hole says:

    Wow, you’re such an Anthony fanboy that you even stole his “liberal douche” catchphrase. So creative. I didn’t even say what my stance on gun control is. I just said that Anthony was talking about it too much. Why don’t you learn how to read and figure out the difference between “your” and “you’re” while you’re at it.

  3. I miss Jimmy Norton and Patrice. If I want to hear useless whiny conservatives, I’ll listen toWAAF, WRKO, WEEI, and WTTK.

    At least we get to wake up with the Chili Guy! Right yeah, correct!

  4. Tim says:

    O&A and syndicated talk radio in Boston, or more specifically on ‘BCN, has run its course. Sure they were funny, as was Howard, but like all things, there is a window and this one closed. I prefer local talk radio, but in the afternoon, I like music. T&R have their entertaining moments too, and now I will be more apt to enjoy them sleepy-eyed than wide awake. As a listener of ‘BCN not long after the “Boston Concert Network” went underground on March 15, 1968, enjoying the antics of Charles tripping on Motsaball soup, I, for one, welcome back the “Rock of Boston”.

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